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Govt restcamp manager condemns tourists’ tree climbing at Deadvlei

Govt restcamp manager condemns tourists’ tree climbing at Deadvlei

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) on Thursday issued a statement condemning tourists posing on top of the ‘dead trees’ at Deadvlei, within the Sossusvlei conservation area.

On Thursday, 17 February, a picture made rounds on social media of three tourists posing for the camera on the lower branches of one of the ‘dead trees’. These dead camelthorn trees (Acacia Erioloba) of which there are several in the Deadvlei area, are estimated to be around 900 years old and were formed by a change in climate when the north-eastern extension of the dune sea started encroaching upon the former pan. The pan was severed from its annual water supply leading to the trees dying and eventually ossifying in the desert climate.

“Seeing tourists climb these rather symbolic trees is not only despicable, but it goes against the notion of responsible tourism. It is required that operators, hoteliers, government, locals and tourists take responsibility and take action to make tourism more sustainable,” Wildlife Resorts spokesperson, Nelson Ashipala said.

NWR urged all visitors to Namibia’s tourism sites to respect all park rules and not take action that will end up wiping away the country’s beautiful artefacts.

“Namibia’s beauty is characterised by its well -aintained and respected tourism sites. Seeing individuals destroy it through unbecoming behaviours spells what we as Namibians stand against as a tourist destination,” Ashipala added.


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