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The best generators on the market in Namibia

The best generators on the market in Namibia

The ongoing instability of the power supply throughout countries like Namibia have caused people in these regions to seek more reliable sources of electricity to power their homes and businesses when the lights go off.

Generators offer a stable power source, without the high initial investment of solar or wind power. There are a variety of options on the market in Namibia, including diesel generators, petrol generators, three phase generators, single phase generators, and silent generators.

In this article, we consider the best generators available to residents of Namibia, each with its own set of applications that are perfect for homes and industry.

Single phase versus three phase generators

A single-phase generator differs from a three-phase generator in the way that it produces electricity. The most visible manifestation of this is seen in the distribution of electricity.

Both types of systems generate alternating current, but a three-phase system generates three different waves of power that are delivered in series.

Typically, three-phase systems are found in industrial and commercial environments since they are suited for high-capacity applications. Because of the higher distribution capacity provided by three-phase backup generators, data centers in particular benefit from their use.

On the other hand, single-phase generators are usually cheaper to operate and are an ideal solution for powering appliances or office devices during infrequent power outages.

Diesel generators are durable and affordable to operate

In comparison to a natural gas engine of the same capacity, diesel-powered generators are capable of generating far more electricity. The fact that diesel has a larger energy value than natural gas means that more power may be generated from a smaller engine.

Diesel-powered generators are designed to supply huge amounts of electricity over an extended period of time. Because of their fuel-efficient engine design and low fuel consumption, the motors can operate for far longer periods of time than a conventional petrol engine.

This is just one of the many reasons why a portable generator is an ideal choice for providing a reliable source of power while the grid is down for businesses and industries in particular.

Petrol generators are a good option for home use

For infrequent or temporary use, petrol generators may be a safer option than diesel generators. One of the positives of their lower capacity is that they are typically less expensive and are available in a greater variety of models and price ranges than diesel generators.

Petrol generators are also quieter and emit fewer hazardous carbon dioxide fumes than diesel generators.

As such, petrol generators are a great option for powering your home where you only need to run a few appliances such as your laptop and stove, while smaller business enterprises will also benefit from petrol generators where only a few office applications are required.

Silent generators are perfect for commercial office spaces and residential areas

Silent generators are designed with a special encasing in place which buffers the noise generated by the engine. Silent generators come in varying capacities, but are generally preferred for commercial use and in residential areas.

For commercial office use, the silent generator won’t impede on important business operations, such as meetings, conference calls, or client liaisons, and therefore allow for a professional atmosphere to be maintained.

For residential areas, silent generators avoid troublesome noise pollution which can affect neighbouring houses, and also allow for a more pleasant home environment for families and children.

Several houses powered by a silent generator in one area will still be able to enjoy the benefits of back-up power without the concomitant noise, and commercial buildings are able to keep sound distribution to a minimum.

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