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NovaNam invests N$36 million in solar green energy

NovaNam invests N$36 million in solar green energy

Against the backdrop of Namibia’s poise to becoming a global player in renewable energy, NovaNam has installed solar plants to its hake value addition processing plants in Lüderitz and Walvis Bay, where 2.300 people are employed in the processing of an average of 100 tons of raw material daily.

The Lüderitz solar investment is N$ 30 million and the photovoltaic solar park rests on a space of 3,132 square meters, including a first of its kind installation on wooden mounted structures in order to manage the rough rocky terrain ubiquitous in this isolated southern Namibian town.

The solar plant was installed by SolarSaver, a Namibian company, and will generate 317.000 kilowatts per month, and decrease the company’s annual CO2 emissions by 3.932 tons, with an outcome of 2.393 barrels of oil being reduced every year.

“Sustainability is not a part of our strategy, it is our strategy. By carrying through with this investment, our company has committed to the use of renewable energy, and this would help contribute to free up other energy sources to meet much needed developmental and infrastructural goals, especially in Lüderitz and the Kharas region,” said NovaNam’s Managing Director, Edwin Kamatoto.


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