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Tech group 4Sight to expand technology offerings to the Namibian market

Tech group 4Sight to expand technology offerings to the Namibian market

Diversified tech group 4Sight is expanding its regional office in Windhoek, as part of its strategy to grow its brand globally.

The launch of the new 4Sight Namibia will take place on 9 and 10 February at Droombos in Windhoek.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s AltX-listed company said it plans to make its full range of technology offerings available to the Namibian market.

“Namibia is a stable, growing economy and close to South Africa, so it is an obvious choice for advancing our growth agenda on the continent,” said Tertius Zitzke, Group CEO, 4Sight Holdings.

“Internationally, we have strategic partnerships with key vendors like Sage, Microsoft, Aspentech, Simio and Acumatica, to mention a few, but our unique selling proposition is the way we combine technology with engineering and business expertise to create solutions that make the business more effective—and profitable.”

The expansion of 4Sight’s Namibian office will be spearheaded by its new managing director, Andy Tee.

Tee is a founding member of AccTech Namibia, a subsidiary of 4Sight Holdings, which opened its doors in 2005.

“This is an exciting development. Leveraging 4Sight’s growing portfolio of integrated solutions, we aim to become the go-to partner for Namibian companies and government agencies looking to accelerate their digital journeys, and become competitors in today’s competitive global economy,” Tee said.

4Sight has a track record of helping organisations to bring information and operational technologies together, supporting the business environment and creating integrated solutions that deliver bottom-line value in a short space of time.” (Techfinacials)


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