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Scientific Society to zoom in on Green Hydrogen

Scientific Society to zoom in on Green Hydrogen

The Namibia Scientific Society will be hosting a panel discussion on 8 February at 19:00, on issues, challenges and opportunities to develop Green Hydrogen in Namibia.

Experts that include Dr Detlof von Oertzen, Jacky Scholtz, representatives of the Legal Assistance Centre and Robert McGregor will be discussing financial implications, energy and infrastructure issues and legal requirements relating to the development of Green Hydrogen.

Dr Detlof von Oertzen is an independent scientific and technical consultant, holding a PhD in high energy nuclear physic and an MBA (Advanced) with a focus on finance.

He is the Director of VO Consulting, which is a specialist consulting firm active in the energy, environment and radiation protection sectors. In his consulting career spanning across more than 25 years, he has worked in numerous multidisciplinary teams and as a member of international expert groups, including international bodies such as the UNDP, World Bank, GEF, GIZ and IAEA, numerous African authorities and institutions, as well as major mining and energy sector players, where he has led and or participated in specialist studies and assessments in his fields of expertise.

Jacky Scholz is a legal consultant with more than 20 years of experience. She holds a B. Juris, LLB and LLM Degree from the University of Pretoria. She mainly specialized in regulating industries with a focus on the energy, petroleum and communication sectors. She is a multi-skilled consultant and has worked on a great variety of projects.

She is also familiar with the industries in various SADC countries due to the interaction of her client in this region. She was Manager of Corporate and Legal Services at ECB and continues to consult for the ECB on a variety of energy matters. She was intimately involved with the establishment of Erongo RED and CENOTED and attended all stakeholder meetings of these two REDS

She was also responsible for drafting 2007, Electricity Act and drafted the Namibia Energy Regulatory Authority and Electricity Bills. Therefore being intimately familiar with the Namibian electricity regulatory framework, she is ideally positioned to develop and advise on policy development and a future regulatory framework for mini-grids, smart grids and home systems.


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