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The gift that keeps on giving – Broll fulfils Wernhil Christmas Wish List 2021

The gift that keeps on giving – Broll fulfils Wernhil Christmas Wish List 2021

Broll Namibia has announced that 8-year-old Gabriel Markus is the overall winner of the Wernhil Christmas Wish List 2021, as he displayed a sense of selflessness and empathy in his story that touched hearts.

Gabriel has a 12-year-old brother Dadiva, who is autistic, who can hear but has difficulties speaking, therefore out of kindness and love, Gabriel entered the competition and wished for a digital tablet for his brother to make it easier for him to learn and communicate with his family,” they explained.

Broll said they made Gabriel and Dadiva’s wishes come true with a twist of fun and excitement, because when they were in the process to purchase the digital tablets for Dadiva and Gabriel from Supatronix.

But the owner of the shop was so overwhelmed about the heartwarming story that he sponsored the second tablet including two tablet covers and two funky smartwatches for kids, therefore both Dadiva and Gabriel received a table and a smartwatch,” they added.

According to Broll due to the generous sponsorship of Supatronix, some more funds were available to purchase school stationery for the new school year for both children as well as a soccer ball.

The Markus family could not contain their excitement when they heard the news, but the surprises did not stop there, we also noticed that Dadiva has good taste in classical music, so we added an extra special surprise of a guitar and piano for children for him to enjoy and enhance his musical talent, he was ecstatic with joy and immediately showed us a trick or two of keys and strings, a true Rock Star,” they explained.

Broll has made it their mandate for the past six years to make lasting and meaningful contributions to people’s lives and the competition draws the attention of children between the age of 6 to 12.

We are looking forward to this year’s Christmas Wish List edition and can not wait to reward our next little Wernhil shopper,” they concluded.

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