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Namibia imports skincare products worth N$38.5 million in December

Namibia imports skincare products worth N$38.5 million in December

Analysis for the commodity of the month for December 2021 shows that Namibia has imported skincare products valued at N$38.5 million, according to the Namibia Statistics Agency.

South Africa made up the largest portion of skin-care product imports at 88.8%.

According to the Statistics Agency latest trade report released this week, for the month of December 2021, Namibia’s total merchandise trade registered N$ 21.1 billion, a decline of 6.8% when compared to the levels of N$22.6 billion recorded in November 2021. However, an increase of 25.4% when compared to the levels of N$16.8 billion was recorded in December 2020.

However, the country’s trade balance remained in a deficit, standing at N$2.4 billion from a deficit of N$3.2 billion recorded in November 2021, which is by far worse when compared to a deficit of N$425 million witnessed in December 2020.

Statistician-General Alex Shimuafeni noted that Namibia’s China emerged as Namibia’s largest market for exports whereas South Africa maintained her position as the largest source market for the country.

“The composition of the export basket for the month of December 2021 was mainly comprised of minerals such as copper blisters, precious stones (diamonds), uranium as well as non-monetary gold. Fish continued to be the only non-mineral commodity within the top five products exported. On the other hand, the import basket was mainly comprised of copper blisters, petroleum oils, ores and concentrates of precious metals, ‘copper ores and concentrates as well as inorganic chemical elements,” he added.

Further, re-exports increased by 23% month-on-month and 21.7% year-on-year. The re-exports basket mainly consisted of copper blisters, which accounted for 65.6% mainly sourced from Zambia and DRC.


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