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Entrepreneurship is the answer

Dear sir,
Entrepreneurship seems to be the solution to economic distress and the increasing unemployment problems that Namibia is facing currently. After much negative comments about Tipeeg, government’s many failed attempts to alleviate unemployment and the approaching of lapses of MCA, one can say with certainty that it is time that Namibians stand up, take a closer look at the root of the problems and notice that what this country need is the spirit of “Entrepreneurship”.
It is crucial to emphasize the fact that what we need is “entrepreneurship” and not “tenderpreneurship”, meaning this country needs innovative and creative individuals who will take risks to create opportunities for fellow citizens or better yet, for the world at large. This is much different from “tenderpreneurship”, a problem that is currently growing in the ‘Land of the Brave’. Tenderpreneurship can be briefly defined as doing dodge tendering through nepotism and other corruption dealings to enrich yourself and your immediate family.
It is time for this country to produce something good besides Michelle, Frank and the likes. What this country needs is for young dynamic individuals that will follow in the footsteps of Pupkewitz, Dr Frans Indongo, Ms Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun and others into the future and enterprise the Land of the Brave.
Betty Ndafediva

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