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Public talk focusing on child protection to be hosted by Scientific Society

Public talk focusing on child protection to be hosted by Scientific Society

The Namibia Scientific Society will be hosting a public talk on child protection by Flip Brink on 1 February at 19:00.

The Society said that Flip Brink is a retired state advocate who has decided to devote his time to the prevention of child abuse, including but not limited to human trafficking.

Brink gives presentations to parents, grandparents, teachers and any other interested persons about the various faces and appearances of child abuse, the tactics used by abusers, the vulnerability of children in specific age groups and many other related aspects.

“Most important is the advice he gives for prevention and early intervention and he believes our future is as safe as our children and will do as much as he can to promote safe parenting,” they added.

He is currently working on a programme called Restorative Parenting where he aims at helping children who have been abused or trafficked and their parents and guardians to deal with the situation correctly and to get out of it with minimum damage.

Brink has served as a state advocate for 25 years, because of his personal background he dedicated most of his career to child protection and has received specialized training in the legal, emotional, practical and psychological aspects, therefore. In Namibia’s legal circles, he is known as the Child Witness expert, as he has been Head of the Child Witness training programme for many years.


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