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Regent alumnis raves about MBA programme

Regent alumnis raves about MBA programme

Regent Business School alumnis, Noble Eiaseb, recently completed his MBA, during the COVID-19 pandemic and has committed himself to a life of learning.

Eiaseb said he understands the power of learning and he understands the power it wields in the workplace. “An MBA is a much sought after qualification for a go-getter and someone who wants to combine their technical skills with executive management knowledge. I chose this qualification because it shatters the glass ceiling and opens a great door,” he added.

Eiaseb is a property engineer, who is the Head of Properties and Maintenance at Tunacor and manages a team of 25. He said he pursued an MBA because of the doors it will open for him as he advances in his career.

“Despite the challenges of studying during a pandemic, I made listening, learning and relearning, and research the tree immovable pillars of academic success and having put in the time and effort to complete my MBA, I am ready to build up experience and to grow personally and professionally,” he explained.

He advised prospective students to sleep on the ground, if you have to, eat soup bones, if you have to, but never ever give up on yourself, leave that job to the others, and make mistakes on your journey and learn from them

Regent Business School, Dean of Academic, Dr Ronel Blom said that their programmes are structured around current emerging business techniques and time-tested business principles. “Our team prioritises the academic success of every student and all our programmes are benchmarked against the highest international business standards and regulatory principles,” she concluded.

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