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Fire leaves Mariental residents homeless

 Several families lost all their possessions earlier this week when a fire broke out in a Mariental’squatter camp.More than 20 people lost all their belongings when their houses burned to ashes in the early hours of 18 January in the Oshiwana Penduka Informal Settlement in Mariental. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the incident.
Only one man who assisted to extinguish the fire was injured seriously. He was admitted to the hospital and discharged the same day. The source of the fire was not clear.
The Constituency Councillor, Barakias Namwandi, approached the governor of the Hardap region,  Katrina Hanse-Himarwa’s office for assistance from the Regional Emergency Funds (REMU).
Each of the seven households affected, received four blankets, a mattress, second hand clothing, a two plate jell stove and four bags of 12.5kg maize meal, through the REMU. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry also assisted by donating 14 bags of 10kg fire wood, while the Ministry of Works and Transport assisted by giving 29 corrugated roof sheets. The  Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare assisted with school uniforms.
The people who lost all their belongings are 1) Elifas Namangundu, Frieda Shidute, Wibard Shiteleage, Paulus Ndishishi, and Job Hanyu; 2) Abel Akunawa, Karolina Haufiku, Maria Davids, Nelson Akunawa, Lisuis Abel and Benjamin Amukoto; 3) Askor Amwelo, Emma Kapanda, Ndapewa Leo and Jefri Shkololo; 4)Meme Muulu, David Muulu and Martha Muulu; 5) Hedula Rainhold, Namudjembo Hambeleni and Julius Hamukwaya.

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