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MCA closes its door September next year

The nearing of the termination deadline for a five-year compact signed by Namibia and the US Government acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in September next year, means that Namibia will no longer benefit from the donor fund.
It also means the end of MCA Namibia, a programme implementation unit within the National Planning Commission that was established to oversee various projects in the education, agriculture and tourism sectors.
According to Rosa Hamukuaja-Thobias, Public Outreach Manager at MCA-Namibia, after MCA phases out, the implementing partners which are the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, should take over all the projects.

She said this will mean the end of MCA-N because Namibia will no longer benefit from this donor fund as the country is now regarded as a middle income country.
MCA Namibia this week announced that it has started with its termination planning of the programme to ensure the orderly and structured conclusion of the programme.
Sikongo Haihambo, acting CEO of MCA told the Economist “the units have started a dialogue on closure with our key stakeholders, the implementing partners.”
“The closure plan enables us to look at issues of any potential risk associated with closure and how to mitigate such risks, assign responsibilities with timelines during year 5 and beyond, avail resources towards closure activities, handing over of the projects or activities to the implementing partners, safeguarding sustainability of the MAC Namibia programmes and account for what we have done to the relevant authorities in Windhoek and Washington and indeed to the Namibian bublic,” he said.
Namibia signed a 5-year compact in 2008 with the US Government acting through the Millenium Challenge Corporation to provide grants for public investments in Education, Tourism and Agriculture.
An amount of US$304.5 million (N$3billion) was made available for development in the target sectors, over and above current government allocations and assistance from other development partners.
MCA is now in its fifth year and will cease implementation activities on 16 September next year.
“There are 10 months to go to close the door of the implementation of various projects. MCA is on track with the implementation of all its projects. Most of the funds have been committed,” he said.
Ralph Höfelein, Senior Manager: Public Outreach at MCA said contracts signed to date has reached US$279,387,914 which means that 92% of the budget is committed. “We have already committed 92% of the budget which means that we are on track. Not all the money has been paid and will only be done when the projects are finished and operational,” he said. MCC Resident Country Director, Stevan Dobrilovic, said that MCC is highly impressed with the dedication, skills set and innovation of the MCA Namibia team.

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