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Gravel road from Nkurenkuru to Nepara Clinic to be upgraded

Gravel road from Nkurenkuru to Nepara Clinic to be upgraded

The Kavango West Regional Council (KWRC) and the Roads Authority’s (RA) consulting team this week sought the input of the community of Kakuwa in the Mpungu Constituency, in the design discussion of the upgrading of gravel road DR3406 and DR3444 from Nkurenkuru to Nepara Clinic.

The Council said the 25km project, together with the intercession leading to the Nepara army base entrance will be affecting about two households, hence the value in having their input heard and considered before the finalization of the design and planning stage prior to the actual construction.

The council confirmed that the affected parties will be compensated as per the policy and all parties concluded that no delay will be entertained and a decision was taken for the finalization to all the procurement process take place and have the construction begin.

“The bidding document will be ready before the end of the current financial year, with the actual work expected to begin in the 2022/2023 financial year,” they added.

Apart from the members of the communities, the meeting was attended by the Uukwangali Traditional Authority and the Namibia Defence Force who are equal partners in the project.


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