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Random PCR tests to be conducted on arrivals at points of entry

Random PCR tests to be conducted on arrivals at points of entry

The government will conduct random COVID-19 testing for people permitted entry into the country at points of entry and will conduct genome sequencing on any positive results obtained, an official said Tuesday.

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula said travellers (Namibians and Non-Namibians) who arrive with PCR test results that are older than 72 hours and are not in possession of a de-isolation certificate, will be subjected to a PCR test at their own cost at the port of entry and will be quarantined at own cost. Such travellers will be released from quarantine if the PCR results are negative.

“Namibians arriving with positive PCR results, where such traveller has not completed isolation or does not present a de-isolation certificate, such traveller will be subjected to quarantine at own cost or to supervised home quarantine provided that the traveller has obtained approval for such supervised home quarantine,” he added.

According to Shangula, the measures are aimed at suppressing the importation of new variants into the country.

“They will also enable the Ministry to collect important epidemiological data on the omicron and other variants,” he concluded.


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