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Youth officers take part in comprehensive sexual education training

Youth officers take part in comprehensive sexual education training

The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service (MSYNS) is currently hosting a training on Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) in the Oshana region. The training commenced on 6 December, concluding on 18 December.

The workshop aims to develop the capacity of the regional youth officers to become trainers and roll out Comprehensive Sexual Education for the out-of-school youth in their respective regions. The CSE workshop stems from an agreement between the USAID and the MSYNS to support youth health programmes.

During the official opening, the Acting Deputy Director of Youth Programmes, Mr Lysias Haiduwa, expressed his appreciation for the USAID financial support towards the project. He encouraged the participants to acquire the workshop’s learning outcomes, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) for out of school youth.

In this regard, he went on to explain that the CSE seeks to promote healthy behaviours, increase knowledge and understanding of young people’s sexual orientation and reproductive decisions. It also provides young people with a sense of who they are and their values, human rights, how gender roles affect them, and life skills issues.

Namibia is part of the Eastern Southern Africa (ESA) communities, which affirmed and endorsed the CSE curriculum in 2013 at a Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, to deliver quality sexual education to its young people, due to the highest infection rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

The workshop is the first of its kind and is attended by 35 Regional Youth Officers from all 14 regions.


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