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Zambia becomes first SADC Member State to benefit from Gender Violence training guide

Zambia becomes first SADC Member State to benefit from Gender Violence training guide

Zambia has become the first SADC Member State to benefit from a Gender Violence Training Guide approved by SADC Ministers responsible for Gender and Women in August 2021 which is centred on strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies to address this type of violence, Ms Kealeboga Moruti, Senior Officer, Public Security at the SADC Secretariat, said.

Speaking at the opening of a training workshop for Gender Violence for the Zambian Police Services which coincided with the commemoration of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence in Lusaka on 29 November 2021, Moruti said the training guidelines provides an overarching framework to develop detailed training curricula for law enforcement which may be adapted based on country-specific laws, policies and procedures.

Moruti said the training is a reflection of the Zambian Police’s commitment and dedication to fight Gender Violence and urged participants from different parts of Zambia to share data, experiences on best practices and challenges on the ground as this guide policy, programming and response.

She said the training is aligned with the SADC blueprints that want to eliminate Gender Violence, and the provision of coordinated, effective and timely services to victims. These blueprints — Vision 2050, Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan 2020-2030 (RISDP), SADC Protocol on Gender and Development, and the SADC Regional Strategy and Framework of Action for Addressing Gender Violence (2018-2030) — underscore capacity and skills building for first responders.

Moruti said the presence of police, the judiciary, civil society organisations and the media at the workshop was evidence of a multi-sectoral response to Gender Violence because no single entity can win this battle alone.

Deputy Inspector General, Doris Nayame, said the training was important as it was taking place during the commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence.

Nayame said the Zambian Police, through its Victim Support Unit, is a key beneficiary of the Zambian Government / UN Joint Programme which seeks to establish an integrated and multi-sectoral mechanism for activities that combat Gender Violence.

The support received from this project continues to enhance service delivery in communities, and among activities worth noting in phase two of this project is the support for the development of training modules on Gender Violence for police recruits and cadets and the support to the forensic laboratory at police headquarters.

She acknowledged the support from the German development agency, GIZ, through the programme for legal empowerment and enhanced justice delivery for all and accelerated respect for human rights, administered by the multi-partner trust fund under the office of UNDP and the EU-funded programmes.

Nayame said the ongoing reports of Gender Violence highlight the vulnerability of women and girls and shows the need for prompt response by law enforcement to protect victims.


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