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Eos Capital raises N$90 million for agricultural projects

Eos Capital raises N$90 million for agricultural projects

Eos Capital last week announced the first close of its Euphrates Agri Fund, having raised N$ 90 million (USD 5.7 million). This will allow the Euphrates to make its first investments in projects across the local agriculture value chain while additional fundraising continues.

Eos Capital plans to deploy capital for its debut investment in agricultural services by the end of this year. The Euphrates is the third fundraised by Eos Capital – a NAMFISA-registered unlisted investment manager.

The Euphrates Agriculture Fund, is Namibia’s first agriculture-only private equity fund, is unique. Like its namesake river, which fed the ancient fertile crescent, Euphrates seeks to bring about a renaissance in Namibian agriculture by focusing on climate-adapted investments across the value chain that support the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): no poverty, zero hunger, gender equality, decent work and economic growth.

For example, one project in the final stages of consideration would enable Namibian women to become small-scale farmers using sustainable methods, increasing their financial independence and Namibia’s food security, while still achieving commercial returns for investors.

To ensure the Euphrates receives the best guidance, Eos Capital has enlisted local agriculture heavyweights to serve as independent members of its Board of Directors and Investment Committee, including Arnold Klein (Agra CEO), Otto Shikongo (Debmarine Namibia CEO), Joubert Smit (Trineal CEO) and Ryno van der Merwe (Agriculture Specialist).


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