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Leaked exam papers lead to change in school calendar

Leaked exam papers lead to change in school calendar

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has announced the change of the official school calendar after the national examination papers were leaked.

Executive Director of the Ministry, Sanet Steenkamp said in a statement on 30 November that they have decided to close schools early in order to assist regions to prepare for the continuation of the national examinations in the 2022 school year for those subjects that are affected.

For Pre-Primary to Grade 3 learners school will close on 3 December, and for Grade 4 to Grade 10 learners school will close on 9 December,” she informed.

Steenkamp further said that school for teachers of pre-primary to Grade 3 learner will close on 8 December and for teachers of Grade 4 to Grade learners schools will close on 15 December.

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