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Nedbank volunteer programme assists handicapped communities

Nedbank volunteer programme assists handicapped communities

Nedbank Namibia recently introduced an internal staff initiative called the Nedbank Team Challenge, an opportunity for staff members to become involved in their immediate communities by providing assistance where it is needed most.

“The Nedbank Team Challenge is more than just an opportunity to volunteer for a cause or a simple volunteerism experience. It is an opportunity where Nedbank staff can demonstrate what it means to be financial experts who do good, and are able to be the difference that impacts our world through partnerships and collaboration,” the green bank said.

A total of nine teams have collaborated with a number of Namibian NGOs who do work across the areas of social welfare, education, and health.

The Nedbank Namibia ICT for Development team (ICT4D), made an impact recently by collaborating with the Hearing and Visually Impaired Schools in Windhoek. The schools, which are based in Khomasdal, offer tuition fees to learners who require special needs, from pre-primary to grade 10. The school also offers pre-vocational and office administration courses.

The Nedbank Namibia ICT4D team recently handed over basic necessities to the Hearing and Visually Impaired Schools such as cosmetics, clothing, cleaning agents, as well as a total of twenty complete workstation computers, to aid in the teaching and learning of the students with hearing and visual impairment.

At the handover, Nedbank Namibia’s Head of ICT and ICT4D team member, Taschiona Gawaxab, noted that education is the only hope for the development of a country, and stated that when the youth are equipped, the country is equipped.

“We as the Nedbank ICT department embarked on this journey well over a year ago to identify where we could make a change. We identified the Visually and Hearing Impaired School due to the fact that the lack of digital skills amongst this group is more pronounced; by donating these computers, we wish to promote inclusivity amongst the Visually and Hearing Impaired by assisting to bring them along with us into the digital economy. Technology has always been an equalizer and with these desktops, we hope [their] tech journey commences. Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela once remarked that education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world, so, let these PCs be the change in yours,” she added.

The other team members include Nally Ndjoba, Rudolf Muhinda, Benitha Muule, Luewellin Klukowski, Catherine Beukes, Patricia Sheya, Lettie Zambwe, and Winny Munekamba.

The Nedbank Namibia ICT4D team’s mandate is to help improve the quality of education and skills development at all levels, taking into consideration that the world is moving towards digitalisation and automated processes, and therefore, it is of utmost importance to be computer literate.

“We also chose to work with these organisations as they are often overlooked. Our project is about uplifting the circumstances of vulnerable girls and boys to promote ICT soft skills and independence, regardless of their health status,” Gawaxab added.

The team mentioned that they have further plans to provide the school with basic ICT skills, as well as assist them with fundraising for the premises to get geysers, clothing, and games for children to play after school.

“We do not plan on stopping here as we will continue to acquire stationery for the learners. The Visually Impaired School is also in need of Braille machines which we understand are costly, and we are therefore requesting any good Samaritans to assist in this regard,” Gawaxab concluded.



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