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Scammers exploits peak during festive season

Ina Muir, Forensic Auditor at Bank Windhoek.

Ina Muir, Forensic Auditor at Bank Windhoek.

As the holiday season approaches, Bank Windhoek this week issued another warning to their clients and the general public to be vigilant and prevent financial fraud, which is normally rampant during the festive season.
Financial fraud includes, amongst others, phishing, ATM fraud, card fraud and identity fraud.
One of the common types of fraud is phishing, a process by which a crook obtains another individual’s private information through devious means in order to fraudulently assume the victim’s identity and ultimately gain control over his or her bank account.

It includes fraudulent email messages, sms messages and bogus telephone calls that lure clients to provide their personal information.
“Bank Windhoek would therefore like to urge clients to be cautious as fraudsters continuously come up with innovative ways such as setting up a fake website that is similar to the original bank’s website and sending emails using the bank’s logo as a validation of their supposed authenticity. “Throughout the year, Bank Windhoek sent out a number of media releases warning clients not to respond to fraudulent emails, sms messages or telephone calls. Clientsshould therefore take responsibility and caution as phishing depends entirely on the victim’s cooperation”, said Ina Muir, Forensic Auditor at Bank Windhoek.

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