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First-ever local film to compete in Oscars 2022

First-ever local film to compete in Oscars 2022

In a historic first for the local film industry, “The White Line” will mark the first time a Namibian film will be entered for the Oscars 2022.

The White Line is set during the time of Apartheid, featuring an unlikely love between a Namibian woman and a South African police officer, a relationship unheard of at the time.

“The White Line’ is a historical drama set in Namibia in 1963 at the time when it was still ruled by the South African Apartheid regime, until Namibia’s independence in 1990. It tells a story of a love against all odds between a Namibian woman and a white South African police officer during Apartheid,” said Prudence Kolong of Namibian movie consulting firm, Yanibes Consulting.

The White Line premiered at the 40th Durban International Film Festival in July 2019 and went on to screen at a host of international film festivals and gained numerous accolades.

It has won a host of awards across African film festivals and awards across the world movie highlights. The 100-minute historical drama features multiple languages like Otjiherero, Afrikaans, and English, and will have English subtitles. (Xinhua)


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