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Physical education manuals to be distributed to schools across the country

Physical education manuals to be distributed to schools across the country

Physical education manuals earmarked for pre-primary to Grade 3 and for the learners in Grade 10 and 11 will be distributed to educators in all 14 regions of the country.

The PE4Life (physical education for life) manuals were created through the Integrated Physical Education and School Sports Programme by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, together with the University of Namibia and GIZ’s regional programme ‘Sport for Development in Africa’.

About 3,575 manuals valued at almost N$320,000 are currently being distributed. In the near future, another 850 guides will be handed over to the educators for grades 4-7, valued at N$145,000.

The manuals will give the educators the relevant tools they need to teach all facets of quality physical education. They complement the already existing PE syllabus and guide educators; such as teachers, coaches and community workers. It will give them a structured method in which to foster lifelong participation in physical activity and sport to the learners and to support the holistic development of the children; physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially.

“Kids love to run and play games, during the pandemic this has been very difficult for them, but thankfully Namibia is opening up again. Now, even within the school environment, they will be able to play sports and receive adequate physical education as part of their curriculum based on guidelines and activities set out in the PE4Life manuals,” said Friederike Kroner of GIZ.

Principal Rudolfine Kamahene of the A.I. Steenkamp Primary School in Windhoek added “It is so exciting for the teachers, instructors and especially for the children to know that their PE lessons will have the proper structure and transfer the skills they will be able to use the rest of their lives. Whether they are on the field of play or off it. The manuals will certainly be put to good use.”

Learners of A.I. Steenkamp Primary School pictured with the manuals.


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