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COP19 awards third world energy savers

Seventeen activities that serve as shining examples of the enormous groundswell of action underway across the globe to address climate change were honoured this Wednesday at an Oscar-like ceremony at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw.
The projects were selected as 2013 Lighthouse Activities under the Momentum for Change initiative of the United Nations Climate Change secretariat.

 Taking place in countries across four continents, the activities showcased range from both small, entrepreneurial solutions, such as a women-led project that builds bamboo bicycles in Ghana, as well as large initiatives, such as a financing scheme in the Philippines to unlock resources needed to address climate change.
Each of the activities is driven by people who are passionate about providing climate change solutions for their cities and communities.
To help celebrate and recognize the achievements of the 2013 Lighthouse Activities, attendees at the gala event were treated to inspiring speeches, powerful photos, inspirational videos and a rousing musical performance by Rocky Dawuni, Goodwill Ambassador for the Global Alliance of Clean Cookstoves.
“These activities shine a light on the work being done throughout the world to build a low-carbon, resource efficient world,” said UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres. “Not only are these activities tackling climate change, they are also generating health, financial and social benefits in the communities where they take place. They are true beacons of hope, demonstrating what happens when innovation and passion come together to address the biggest challenge of our time.”

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