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City pledges to deliver on promises

The City of Windhoek held its first council meeting yesterday at its Council Chambers to discuss the proposed City plans for the year.
Addressing the meeting, the mayor of Windhoek, Elaine Trepper acknowledged that the City of Windhoek faced difficult municipal issues last year, but said that they never lost sight of the great mandate her council holds.
Trepper pledged to live up to the City’s promise of creating a better standard of life for all. “Our priority focus remains on accelerating land delivery, affordable housing and provision of basic service in the low income areas of the City,” said the mayor.
Trepper added that this year, the council aims to accelerate the pace of service delivery with the City’s vision and mission statements in mind, as continuous reminders of the commitment they have made to their residents.
She mentioned the five year Integrated Business Plan that was approved last year, outlining a road map for service delivery and a Performance Management System, designed to measure employee performance. “I therefore call for total commitment and performance by all of us in implementing the content and live by the spirit of these documents,” Trepper said.
The mayor also called on her council to strengthen their programmes around job creation, skills development and economic empowerment. She further urged the council to continue working with the communities through consultations and scheduled public meetings; in order to obtain input to developmental plans and programmes.

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