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An exquisite interpretation of Range Rover luxury and personalisation – The all new Range SV

An exquisite interpretation of Range Rover luxury and personalisation – The all new Range SV

Pretoria – The New Range Rover SV is an exquisite interpretation of Land Rover’s pinnacle luxury SUV, providing greater choice, heightened craftsmanship and greater functionality. This hand-crafted model from Special Vehicle Operations will be the first vehicle to carry the new ceramic SV roundel and simplified naming strategy – known simply as SV.

The SV roundel represents the distillation of Special Vehicle Operations’ design and engineering passion for modern luxury, performance and capability. The SV roundel will identify all-new Land Rover vehicles launched by Special Vehicle Operations in future.

The new Range Rover SV flagship, previously envisioned through the SVAutobiography family, features exclusive design details and material choices throughout, with greater scope for personalisation and customer choice than ever before.

Both Standard and Long Wheelbase body designs – including a five-seat LWB configuration for the first time – can be specified with curated SV Serenity and SV Intrepid design themes inside or out, which introduce two-tone front-to-rear contrasting colourways to Range Rover. Exclusive materials include lustrous plated metals, smooth ceramics, intricate mosaic marquetry and soft near-aniline leather, as well as sustainable non-leather Ultrafabrics™.

The sumptuous new SV Signature Suite option on long-wheelbase models epitomises the heightened luxury and craftsmanship from Special Vehicle Operations, providing ultimate comfort for two rear-seat passengers. Its cosseting seats with Range Rover SV-specific contours feature 24-way adjustment with massage functionality while an elegant electrically deployable Club Table rises theatrically from the fixed full-length centre console on beautifully engineered supports to provide a convenient workspace when required.

Powerful and efficient Range Rover SV engine choices include the refined new 390kW V8 Twin Turbo, 375kW Extended Range plug-in hybrid and the efficient D350 straight-six Ingenium diesel with 700Nm of torque.

Michael van der Sande, Managing Director, Special Vehicle Operations, said: “Special Vehicle Operations exists to amplify the core characteristics of Land Rover vehicles, obsessing over every detail with a passion for quality. In the case of Range Rover, that means injecting even more luxury into every part of the car. With more choice than ever before, our customers will be able to create a new Range Rover SV that truly reflects their personality, their dreams, their desires. That is how we interpret modern luxury.”

Exclusive design

New Range Rover SV is distinguished by carefully crafted enhancements that showcase and complement New Range Rover’s modernist design.

The exclusive front bumper and five-bar grille designs set the new flagship model apart, with the lower aperture featuring five precisely executed full-width metal-plated blades. This finish also features on the lower tailgate, rear wing ingot and bodyside graphic, complete with a laser-etched SV logo.

Unique identifiers for the Range Rover SV include a black background for the Land Rover oval on the grille and a white ceramic SV roundel on the tailgate. The use of exquisite materials is a key differentiator for Range Rover SV and ceramic has been chosen to symbolise its expression of modern luxury. The SV roundel is produced using the same techniques applied to luxury watch faces – the first time such methods have been used on a vehicle exterior. The signature roundel combines over-moulded black lettering on a smooth white background.

Range Rover SV customers can choose from a selection of the standard Range Rover colour palette or one of 14 additional colours in the SV Bespoke Premium Palette, which include a range of vibrant Gloss and sophisticated Satin finishes. For the ultimate in exterior tailoring, the SV Bespoke Match to Sample service is able to replicate any colour a customer requests.

Exquisite interior

Special Vehicle Operations has taken a no-compromise approach to material choices in the interior too. The smooth, tactile ceramic used on the exterior badging is repeated here, giving the gear shifter, Terrain Response and volume control an elegant cool-to-the-touch feel.

The smooth white ceramic on Range Rover SV contrasts with deep-pile mohair carpets and soft semi-aniline or near-aniline leather options for the uniquely shaped and embroidered seats.

For the first time, Special Vehicle Operations customers can specify a Range Rover with a leather alternative by choosing the sustainable UltrafabricsTM material option with the SV Intrepid interior. With a soft haptic and technical aesthetic, the Ultrafabrics material is applied in a unique duotone colourway. This is complemented by Kvadrat Remix textile on the seatbacks and headrests to create the most progressive materiality choice to date.

Special Vehicle Operations’ craftsmanship extends to the interior veneers. Smooth white ceramics feature an embossed mosaic pattern applied by hand, while anodised metal and expertly selected woods, including meticulously arranged mosaic marquetry or seamless metal inlays, are also offered. These touchpoints showcase the attention to detail that is a hallmark of the whole car. Even the digital instrumentation in the Configurable Driver Display features unique SV graphics.

All Range Rover SV models are available with 13.1-inch Rear Seat Entertainment screens. Exclusive to the SV model, these are the largest ever fitted to a Range Rover and the optimum size for comfort – with high-fidelity headphones that are also designed specifically for Range Rover SV. Increasing the speaker driver diameters by 3mm and a 2.5g increase in driver mass gives smoother responses for both THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and operation in higher frequency ranges, as well as Range Rover SV-specific equalizer tuning. The combination of advanced technologies, exquisite luxury and commanding Range Rover visibility create a tranquil sanctuary like no other.

Distinctive themes

As standard, Range Rover SV features a body-coloured roof, monotone interior colourways and White Gloss ceramic interior touchpoints. Exclusive metal-plated Atlas Silver detailing features on the two-piece upper grille, front bumper accents, rear fender ingots and lower tailgate finisher, while the door gills feature an Atlas Silver finish with Anthracite inserts. This attention to detail extends to the Range Rover lettering, which has two-tone Graphite Atlas inserts and Silver satin surrounds.

Beyond this, customers can choose from two design themes that each give New Range Rover a distinct personality – SV Serenity and SV Intrepid – and they can further refine and tailor each theme, inside and out, to create a more personalised vehicle.

SV Serenity

The pure luxury SV Serenity exterior design theme showcases the elegance of New Range Rover SV with a metal-plated Atlas Silver finish for the grille and a Corinthian Bronze surround. Corinthian Bronze also features the lower bumper accent, the inserts of the trademark Range Rover side graphic, rear wing ingots and lower tailgate finisher, while the Range Rover lettering combines two-tone Corinthian Bronze inserts with a Silver Satin surround. Customers can also choose a Corinthian Bronze contrast roof, while the optional forged 23-inch Diamond Turned Dark Grey Gloss directional alloy wheels are available with Corinthian Bronze Satin inserts.

The SV Serenity interior with mosaic-pattern embroidery provides a contrasting duotone colourway design, which gives the front and rear cabins unique identities. Customers can match light-coloured semi-aniline Perlino rear seats with rich tones of Liberty Blue, Sequoia Green or Caraway near-aniline leather in the front.

SV Intrepid

The SV Intrepid exterior design theme reflects a more purposeful and dynamic character, with dark metal-plated finishes providing a stealthy appearance. The grille has an exclusive Anthracite finish and Graphite Atlas surround while the front bumper upper accents feature an Anthracite finish with lower accents in Graphite Atlas.

The door gills feature Anthracite inserts and Graphite Atlas surrounds while the rear wing ingots and lower tailgate finisher provide Graphite Atlas and Anthracite finishes respectively. Customers can also choose a Narvik Black Contrast Roof and opt for contrasting red brake callipers too. The forged 23-inch Dark Grey Satin directional alloy wheels are also available with Narvik Black Gloss inserts to complete the look.

For the SV Intrepid interior, monotone semi-aniline Ebony leather or the distinctive duotone colourways of near-aniline Rosewood front and semi-aniline Ebony rear leather seats are available, as is a Light Cloud with Cinder Grey non-leather UltrafabricsTM option. A rectangular perforation pattern further differentiates it from SV and SV Serenity interiors. To harmonise with the stealthy character of the exterior, the ceramic elements on vehicles with the SV Intrepid design theme are finished in sophisticated Black Satin.

SV Serenity and SV Intrepid themes can be specified for the exterior, interior, or both areas, alongside the standard Range Rover SV exterior or interior, giving seven different design theme combinations for customers to choose from.

SV Signature Suite

Both Standard and Long Wheelbase derivatives of Range Rover SV feature luxurious Executive Class Comfort Plus seating suitable for two or three in the rear, while the new SV Signature Suite option represents the pinnacle SV interior with an exclusive four-seat configuration that combines extraordinary levels of comfort with effortless convenience on LWB models.

The luxurious design is centred around an elegant front-to-rear console that runs the length of the cabin and accommodates an electrically powered Club Table, which rises silently into place in a single choreographed movement. Its sculptural support is machined from a billet of aluminium and is an exquisite piece of technical engineering.

In the raised position, the Club Table can be turned to serve either of the two rear passengers. Its large surface, which is extended by folding leaves with beautifully damped hinges, is more modern, elegant and practical than tables fitted to the front seatbacks. It has been subjected to more than 11,000 use-cycles by Special Vehicle Operations engineers.

Electrically deployable cupholders feature a cam-driven elevator system for a flush-fitting appearance and are designed to work in harmony with SV-designed Dartington Crystal glasses hidden in the integrated refrigerator between the rear seatbacks.

The design of the crystal flute glassware for Range Rover SV is unique. The elegant long vessel is formed inside a tall cylindrical wall and provides the authentic champagne shape in a contemporary format, with brilliant clarity. This combination of form, plus a clever recessed foot detail, requires specially engineered glass-making tools to achieve precise quality standards which are beyond the tolerances of regular glassware production.

The attention to detail extends to the powered refrigerator door, which is controlled using the eight-inch Rear Seat Touchscreen Controller. It reveals a compartment big enough to accommodate a champagne bottle and is capable of chilling its contents faster than ever before. The centre console also has a hidden area providing secure stowage for valuables, while wireless device charging, USB connectivity and a choice of 12v and domestic power sockets are conveniently located under the rear centre armrest. In this way, the SV Signature Suite provides the best of all worlds and a peerless travelling environment whether passengers are working or relaxing.

New Range Rover SV will go on sale in South Africa in 2022 when final prices and specifications will be confirmed.

New Range Rover SV will go on sale in South Africa in 2022 when final prices and specifications will be confirmed.

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