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4×4 Haval H9 converted to medical casevac vehicle for off-grid extractions

4×4 Haval H9 converted to medical casevac vehicle for off-grid extractions

For the first time ever in Namibia, a Haval vehicle has been modified and fitted for use in medical emergencies. This vehicle was recently donated to the not-for-profit medical service provider, EMA Rescue Service.

The rescue vehicle, a Haval H9 with permanent fourwheel drive was donated by OSH-Med International with some assistance from Pupkewitz Haval who also sponsored the first N$8000 in fuel. The vehicle will be used for rescue and extraction of patients in difficult terrain where conventional ambulances cannot drive.

In the two years since EMA Rescue Service was launched, nearly 2000 patients have been recovered from difficult locations, mostly people who are not able to afford regular medical emergency services.

The Service Director of OSH-Med International, Melody Shehama said “To assist the public through important organisations like EMA is a great honour. We know of the big impact for the community therefore we support the efforts of this non-profit organisation.”

All members that serve on our board are volunteers and have given their free time to the organisation. “We are proud of what we have achieved so far but to achieve more we depend on donations from companies like OSH-Med International and Pupkewitz Motors” said Fabian Martens, the first Chairman of EMA.

Claudia Starzacher-Dennis, Marketing Manager of Pupkewitz Haval | GWM said “We are extremely privileged and proud to be part of such a project and glad that we can contribute to help less-privileged Namibians. Together we can make a difference.”

From left to right: Melody Shehama, Service Director and Member of OSH-Med International; Fabian Martens, First EMA Chairman and Bianca Weakley, Manager at Pupkewitz Haval | GWM.


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