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People managers put heads together to craft vaccination route for employers

People managers put heads together to craft vaccination route for employers

More than one hundred Human Resources practitioners attended the 11th Institute of People Management conference which ended on Wednesday 03 November 2021.

Under the theme ReFresh, ReNew and ReFocus, the delegates discussed issues such as digitisation at work, leadership and employer branding, and employers’ roles in Covid vaccinations.

The conference has run for 11 consecutive years under the leadership of MTC’s HR Manager, Tim Ekandjo. He established the institute and and serves as its president.

The highlight on the program was the panel discussion on whether covid vaccinations should become compulsory in the country and at work. The panel was moderated by Denver Kisting with panellists Immanuel Mulunga (Namcor MD), Julia Muetudhana (GM HR NTA) and John Shimaneni (Deputy Executive Director in the Ministry of Justice)

Ekandjo said that this year’s Conference passed 3 important resolutions. The first is that the institute establishes an IPM corner that will allow all HR professionals to share ideas and experiences. The second is to commission more local HR studies and the third, to encourage Line Managers and Chief Executives to attend the conference to get a deeper understanding of the profession.

Delegates were also encouraged to make use of the MTC National Internship project that accommodates 160 students annually. “I wish to declare this year’s conference a resounding success. Our speakers this year are on top of their game and the level of engagement was amazing. I am encouraged that the future of the profession is in good hands” said Ekandjo.

The conference is sponsored by MTC and was directed by Pombili Shilongo.


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