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Governors Forum restates urgency to improve service delivery

Governors Forum restates urgency to improve service delivery

By David Adetona.

The Khomas Region’s Governor, Hon Laura Mcleod-Katjirua reiterated recently that robust service delivery to the general public is a priority at regional level and indispensable for social and economic development.

During the recent annual Governors’ Forum strategic session, Mcleod-Katjirua said efficient service delivery that ensures the growth and development of the citizens remain the highest calling of leadership for the Governors.

“Therefore, the Governors have resolved to interact with resourceful inter-linked service delivery strategic development partners like the National Planning Commission, the Namibian Police Force, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation to review the current regional development agenda and mandates to map out joint strategies for efficient service delivery in the regions,” she said.

The Governor emphasised that there is nothing short-term or any shortcut about the obligation of service delivery and that the Governors must at all cost collectively rise to instill and maintain confidence and trust as the highest strategic governance response.

“Taking cognizance of the significance of our undertaking as immediate, accountable service providers at sub-national level,the Governors have initiated the strategic session to brainstorm on our opportunities and challenges in relation to our mandate of service delivery. We have created this platform to take stock, share our realities, experiences, constraints and solutions in the overall execution of our given mandate,” she said.

She next explained that the Session is to reflect, review and evaluate institutional capacity to adopt or develop plans for the Governors to become more efficient, relevant, [to] maximize [their] strength and [to] find [the] most effective direct path to achieving the objective of proper and efficiently functioning service delivery to the citizens.

The Governors wanted to discuss strategic interventions with the Minister of Urban and Rural Development and with the Minister in the Presidency but the Deputy Minister, Hon Nathalia /Goagoses said that the President and Cabinet, through overarching development frameworks, have set and given the strategic policy directions for all sectors of government including at regional level where the Governors are the political heads.

However, the Minister in the Presidency, Hon Christine //Hoebes said that enhancing efficiency for improved service delivery is vital for sustainable economic development, particularly in the regions.

Khomas Regional Governor, Hon Laura Mcleod-Katjirua is the Chairperson of the Regional Governors Forum that recently conducted a strategic meeting in the //Kharas Region under the theme:”Enhancing efficiency for improved regional service delivery.” (Photograph by David Adetona).


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