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CSDR chase local solar projects

Los Angeles, California – A global leader in utility-scale concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems is planning to invest in Namibia to develop its renewable energy infrastructure, its Chief Executive Officer, Randall Roth said this week.
This is the first foray by an American solar company into the unlimited renewable energy sector in Namibia.

“Our next generation concentrated photovoltaic technology has the potential to fundamentally change the quality of life for the citizens of Namibia.
By providing reliable renewable energy, CSDR can significantly boost the Namibian economy, while promoting the development of new jobs and technology,” Roth said.
“Namibia has remarkable solar resources; literally a sea of energy floating over its surface.
 Our technology can transform this incredible solar resource into plentiful electricity at affordable prices,” he added.
Executives from CSDR are in the country this week to engage in discussions with various officials in the Namibian government, the state utility company and private enterprises with commercial operations in Namibia.
Roth said the company is planning to open an office in Windhoek and has already signed some preliminary partnerships within the country, which he said will soon be announced.

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