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Chamber of Commerce President urges private sector to support NUST Eenhana expansion

Chamber of Commerce President urges private sector to support NUST Eenhana expansion

The President of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bisey Uirab has called on the private sector to assist the Namibia University Science and Technology (NUST) in the expansion project of this new campus in Eenhana by pledging financial resources.

Uirab said as NUST expands, it will also excel in its academic reputation and continue to employ its value in helping businesses strengthen their competitive advantage in today’s dynamic global world, and also contribute to meet the demands of the labour market by providing more relevant knowledge and skills that meet industry needs.

He further added NUST will not only be a source for recruitment of high-quality human resources but also a source of new technological knowledge, solutions for technological changes and quality improvement.

“The importance of university-industry collaboration and interactions for fostering innovations has led to universities to rethink their purposes. Indeed, universities are increasingly participating in national development through diverse initiatives such as technology transfer, intellectual property rights (IPRs), consulting services, collaborative research, start-up incubators etc,” Uirab said during the fundraising campaign for the campus in Eenhana on 25 October.

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