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Young farmers and producers invited to become suppliers of locally owned store

Young farmers and producers invited to become suppliers of locally owned store

The Youth in Agriculture Organisation (YAO) is inviting all young farmers and producers, involved in value addition to registering themselves to become suppliers of their locally owned store.

Executive Chairman of YAO, Ndatulumukwa Haikali said they will be launching a locally owned store selling locally produced food, fresh produced and processed food, and agri-related cosmetics, like hair food from seeds.

Haikali said as an organisation they are committed to creating a sustainable market for the sales of locally produced vegetables, fruits, food and cosmetics.

“To re-affirm our commitment, we are establishing YAO’s ‘Agri-Marketing Enterprise’ (AME) to increase the supply, access and demand of locally produced food and cosmetics,” he added.

He said AME will be sourcing all their products from local producers to coordinate and manage the supply of Namibian produce.

“AME is a beacon of hope to our rural-based farmers, food producers whose products continue to be rejected by the foreign stores and we will continue to create sustainable market linkages between local producers and the agribusiness industry, to generate appreciable income for farmers,” he concluded.

For more information contact Haikali at 0813195615


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