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Ethiopian Airlines signs interline agreement with Airlink

Ethiopian Airlines signs interline agreement with Airlink

Ethiopian Airlines has signed an interline agreement with South African-based airline, Airlink, which will enable passengers to enjoy seamless travel with a single ticket and lower fares between points within the carriers’ synergised networks.

Passengers can now book through their itineraries on both airlines easily. The partnership attracts more customers, providing ease of connectivity to their destinations served by both Ethiopian and Airlink.

“As South Africa represents the continent’s largest market and with the significant changes in the region’s industry players, implementation of this interline agreement will create ease of access to those travelling to/from South African regional airports and Ethiopian destinations across five continents,” said Tewolde Gebremariam, Group CEO, Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines has been implementing various partnership agreements with African and global carriers to further expand its accessibility to its customers. The partnership with Airlink, in particular, will increase seamless connectivity options for customers in the regions of South Africa with the vast network of Ethiopian Airlines in the continent and beyond.


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