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Esh-Ham extends footprint from business consultancy services to financial aid amid the pandemic

Esh-Ham extends footprint from business consultancy services to financial aid amid the pandemic

Celebrating 8 years of excellence in business consulting, the Founder of Esh-Ham, Ester Hamukoto, has extended her services to the public to ease the financial burdens of many that have experienced retrenchment and salary cuts during the pandemic.

At her recently launched, cash loans service, entrepreneurs and clients were invited to find out more about the new offerings and how they could be of benefit.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hamukoto thanked everyone in attendance for their immense support and interest in their organisation.

“I am humbled to still be standing here in business and employing a wonderful team that is always dedicated to our mission and vision,” she proudly welcomed guests.

Esh Ham Consultants has mainly focused on secretarial work to SME’s with an experienced workforce delivering its services countrywide. However, due to the pandemic, the team has extended its service offerings providing financial aid.

“We have always assessed and re-assessed the market needs in which we operate and constantly find various avenues to help service our clients and potential clients. Any business that has been in existence for almost a decade needs to improve and listen to customers’ needs to adapt and stay in business,” Hamukoto confirmed.

A team of 5 that consists of women is run with professionalism and dedication and Esh Ham firmly believes in customer relations and delivers beyond client expectations.

“This industry is challenging at times, as customers have daily increasing demands and our work is based on tight deadlines that need to be met. Our target market which are SMEs s face so many challenges to keep their businesses afloat and what sets us apart from the rest, is delivering more than what’s expected at the fraction of the cost,” noted Hamukoto and Laimi Fillemon administrators at Esh Ham.

Entrepreneurs in attendance testified of the excellent service received to date from Esh Ham Consultants and look forward to their new offering which has come at the right time.

“This is wonderful for entrepreneurs such as us because many times our clients fail to pay on time and this extra cash boost can go a long way to be able to maintain our monthly bills. I applaud this initiative and their ability to create financial educational awareness around it on wise borrowing,” Nerson Tjelo, Director at Excel Dynamic Solutions.

Meanwhile, the overall message at the event placed emphasis on cash loans only assisting based on a guaranteed income that is guaranteed from clients and not to spend on a lifestyle that cannot be maintained.

All interested entrepreneurs are urged to find out more about Esh Ham serves via their social media platforms esh_ham_business_consultants.

Founder of Esh-Ham Ester Hamukoto and her grandmother Ms Rauna Sheehama at the recent launch.


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