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5th Annual National Secretaries Convention to be held virtually on Friday

5th Annual National Secretaries Convention to be held virtually on Friday

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) will host the 5th Annual National Secretaries Convention on 08 October, virtually in response to COVID-19 national guidelines.

The event will be held under the theme, “Re-envisioning Service Quality through Digital Transformation,” according to a statement from NUST.

In recent times the duties and responsibilities of Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Office Administrators have evolved beyond clerical and administrative tasks. In the contemporary business world, individuals occupying such roles must be equipped with an understanding of developments in the field and the significance of the secretarial and administrative functions.

The National Secretaries Convention aims to bring together Secretaries, Personal Assistants (PAs) and Office Administrators and seeks to promote personal and professional development among this group of professionals.

The advancement of digital technologies and their use in business processes in the public and private sectors, has created a need for various professions to grasp the application thereof and develop a high level of competence in this regard. As new trends and developments emerge, Secretaries, PAs and Office Administrators are equally expected to respond in a dynamic way to ensure a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

The 2021 iteration of the Convention will therefore expose participants to modern digital technologies, as well as create a platform for networking and sharing of best practices.

This event also aims to break the gender stereotype associated with the secretarial and administrative function is a key objective of the Convention in keeping with the evolution of these roles in the contemporary workplace.

Individuals with experience in secretarial and administrative roles or those new to these functions, as well as Office Supervisors or Managers, interested in harnessing new tools that have emerged in the digital era are the primary target audience for the event.


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