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RDP shocked by ECN appointment

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) has expressed shock over the recent appointment of Rodney Guiseb as a commissioner of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN). Guiseb allegedly faked his educational qualifications by attaching a copy of his Bachelor of Arts degree from Unam, however, in actual fact, the student number provided on the document belongs to a person who completed a Bachelor of Accounting degree.
Jeremiah Nambinga, RDP’s secretary for Information and Publicity, cautioned government when identifying and appointing people to serve on important national institutions such as the ECN, they must choose individuals of good standing and high integrity.
“If what is alleged, about Guiseb is true, then this shows a higher degree of incompetence and corruption of government. In fact, the nation was disappointed to see that candidates of higher quality and experience were not considered for appointment and that it was the likes of Guiseb that were preferred,” Nambinga said.
He added that the incident questions the credibility of ECN and the qualifications of the commissioner are suspect.
Nambinga said the experience casts aspersions on the general ability and competency of the commissioners as being fit and proper persons to conduct, organise and lead elections.
“Inference can be drawn that in his determined view, the appointing authority deliberately excluded some individuals, selected on the short-list of candidates, because he wanted to settle for the second rate. The appointment of an incompetent Electoral Commission of Namibia might be in the interest of the appointing authority. This clearly indicates that the country is being held hostage to second rate solutions regarding the many challenges the country is facing. This experience must be instructive to the appointing authority to strive to appoint persons who sincerely and seriously can help in the discharge of state responsibilities,” Nambinga said.
The RDP now demands that Guiseb and any other commissioner “who might have cheated his or her way into the Electoral Commission”, must resign immediately and that the law enforcement agencies deal with the ‘culprits’ in accordance with law without fear or favour.

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