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Local referees engage in FIFA workshop

Local referees engage in FIFA workshop

NFA- The Namibia Football Association (NFA) Referees Department is conducting a 5-day FIFA–MA referees course in Windhoek. The course started on 30 September and will conclude on Monday, 4 October in Windhoek.

The course is facilitated by renowned FIFA referees instructor, Felix Tangawarima and see 35 local match officials in attendance.

Participants started with a fitness test on day one and also covered matters of amendments to The Laws of the Game 2021/22; match preparation and team building.

Practical sessions with players and challenge and penalty area presentations dominate Day two while handball and positioning and reading of the game and Offside discussions are part of day three. Practical training with players will highlight day four. Day five will see presentations on integrity and a presentation by the FIFA Physical Instructor Marco Mzengo.

“This workshop was delayed by COVID-19 and finally it’s taking place to update our members on the latest in their area of the game. Most of them are engaged and we have the semifinals of the MTC NFA Cup Aweh coming and also the various leagues that are going on and will start soon, so this is very important,” stated Absalom Goseb, NFA Referees Coordinator.

The course participants are Nehemia Shoovaleka, Jonas Shongedi, Samuel Nghipandulwa, Andre’ Helmut, Paulus Thomas, Vistoria Shangula, Wilhelm Haitembu, Salom Efraim, Apollo, Lungameni, Clemence Mudiu, Naftal Negongo, Naftal Gideon, Fillipus Nghilanganye, Petrus Amutenya, Festus Sintago, Matweu Kanyanga, Mateus Nevonga, Alex Lumponjani, Lisias Shaaningwa, Johannes Shinuna, Sem Moses Singeve, Obed Nangolo, Christof Vries, Simon Shigwete, Petrus Dighonga, Muketele Mwiya, Jeremia Johannes, Festus Shivolo, Jevezinge Muheue, Hangula Angula, Joel Paulina, Olivia Amukuu, Clause Bonifatius, Eveline Lungameni, and Shilixuleni Ndapewa.


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