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‘Oranjemund Changemakers’ TV and Web series launched

‘Oranjemund Changemakers’ TV and Web series launched

OMDis, Town Transformation Agency recently launched the Orangjemund Changemaker TV and Web series. The first episode premièred on One Africa TV 29 September, with repeats scheduled for Sunday at 17:30.

OMDis in a statement said that after decades of being closed, it is now important to showcase the town of Oranjemund and its transformation to the world.

Many have wondered what is so special about the town and now you can see it for yourselves in the series, where viewers will discover much about Oranjemund from its rich mining history to the towering dunes, the mighty Orange River and the beautiful unspoiled beach,they added.

General Manager of OMDis, Tony Bessinger said they are pleased to have worked with professionals to put this video and web series together that reflects all the efforts of MODis but importantly also reflects what the town of Oranjemund has to offer.

The series has been compiled with three distinct themes that are: From the beyond, where well-known ex-Oranjemunders will tell their stories of growing up and living in Oranjemund; Making New theme, where current exceptional Oranjemunders are bringing about much-needed change to normalize the town through their businesses and community outreach work and Building Futures theme share ideas and initiatives to diversify the town’s economy.

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