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Malaria Week

Of the 139 million people living in southern Africa, approximately 63% live in malaria areas.
The Ministry of Health and Social Services in collaboration with civil society and development partners are joining the rest of the SADC region to commemorate the SADC Malaria Awareness Week.
The SADC Malaria Awareness Week normally take please the 2rd week of November and is commemorated under the theme “Be free of Malaria in the SADC region with the slogan “Know the Malaria symptoms, Go for testing and treatment.”
The SADC Malaria Day is on 08 November.
Namibia recorded 3213 malaria cases in 2012 compared to 16758 cases in 2011. Only four people died of malaria last year while 36 deaths occurred in 2011 with the heavy rains.
Trends in malaria cases and death exhibit a reduction of 99.8%.
This year malaria incidence stand at 1.16 per 1000 people and the rate is less than one per 100,000.

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