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//Huab Conservancy gets boost from Ultimate Safaris Namibia

//Huab Conservancy gets boost from Ultimate Safaris Namibia

As part of their continued impact investment into the //Huab Conservancy, the Ultimate Safaris Namibia has decided as a travel company to create one hectare of agricultural land, shaded and watered along with a large chicken coup for the community.

The company also built storage facilities and a cool room entirely electrified from a fence perspective, to keep out the local elephants and all solar powered.

Ultimate Safaris said the idea behind this investment is for the conservancy to rent this infrastructure out to a competent commercial crop farmer, whilst employing people from the conservancy and ensuring skills transfer over the years.

“Local supermarkets and other tourism enterprises will support the project by buying their products and the investment into this project is more than N$2.5 million and we could no be more excited about getting planting,” they added.

This is in partnership with the Conservation Travel Foundation and the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia. The //Huab Conservancy is situated in the Kunene region and there are only 930 people and wildlife that includes elephant, leopard, mountain zebra, kudu, duiker, warthog, steenbok, klipspringer, ostrich, gemsbok and springbok.


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