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The duo behind Nedbank’s ‘Young Professionals’ campaign

The duo behind Nedbank’s ‘Young Professionals’ campaign

Nedbank Namibia recently used young Namibian social media content creators to work on the bank’s Private Banking ‘Young Professionals’ advertising campaign, which targets young people who have just entered the job market.

In order for the campaign to meet its true intent, Nedbank utilised young Namibian content creators. KP Studios was selected to conceptualise and direct the Nedbank Namibia ‘Young Professionals’ campaign. KP Studios is a creative collective made up of Ericke Tjiueza and Kevin Perestrelo.

The duo, describe themselves as aesthetic storytellers, who create with the intent of incorporating representation, especially for minority African identities and cultures. Their areas of expertise include photography, videography, and overall creative concept development.

The two have come to work well together with each other, each bringing their own unique expertise to the business. Ericke is the conceptualiser and storyteller, he also takes on the role of director, photographer, stylist and creative director. Kevin, on the other hand, is a photographer and filmmaker/auteur. He is able to compose the story and incorporate his unique visual aesthetic to enhance the concept. With no formal training, Kevin has gained a lot of his experience from working closely with a number of renowned Namibian creatives, who have taught him some tricks of the trade.

“All my past experiences in the creative industry have carved out the type of artist I am,” he said. In his short career, Kevin has already collaborated with a number of major industry players including, The Namibian Presidency, The European Union, and USAID, just to mention a few.

The running concept for the Nedbank Namibia ‘Young Professionals’ campaign celebrates multifaceted young individuals. The idea is meant to afford audiences a different perspective from the overarching societal opinion that once entering the job market, one can only pursue one career in their lifetime.

“Many Namibians have grown up in social and professional environments which remind them of their limitations. This is an antiquated notion because as a generation full of potential and multidimensional identities – there is a need to provide visibility and foster representation while reinforcing the brand values of the bank,” said Ericke.

The campaign’s visuals feature Namibian sisters, La-Toya ‘Lioness’ and Gina ‘Jeanz’ Mwoombola, and expands on their multi-layered careers, and how they are able to easily transition between them. Latoya is a medical doctor by profession, but is also a popular award-winning rapper/musician, while her sister, Gina is a music producer and DJ by profession and also works as a renowned creative director.

The Nedbank Namibia ‘Young Professional’ campaign shows the sisters in their working elements, and illustrates how they are able to easily move between them harmoniously. The campaign visuals also capture some uniquely Namibian visuals which showcase Namibia’s most picturesque landscapes and cityscapes.

The campaign is to date KP Studio’s biggest campaign. The team noted that they appreciated being trusted with the opportunity of working on a project of this magnitude. “The experience we gained from working on this project is invaluable,” said Kevin.

Ericke explains that the logistics and technical aspects of the project such as production, scheduling and budgeting were some of the learning they had faced.

“The toughest period we had while working on the project was production week, and the learning that came from it. However, we had an incredible team of creative thinkers who were eager to do their best on the campaign–many of whom had never worked on a campaign of this calibre,” he said.

As the creative directors of the project, they were also tasked with putting together an incredible team of local creative to work on the project, which included, social media content planner, Nicole Carew; set designer, Sonja Fraser-Malherbe; stylist, Penehafo Vaeta; assistant stylist, Varaa Hambira; location scout, Willem very; scriptwriter, Anne Hambuda; production assistant, Nicodemus Amweele; principal gaffer, Roland James; assistant best boy, Charles Zambwe; radio producer, Johan Jooste; voice-over artist, Tanya Daringo; and of course the talent – La-Toya ‘Lioness’ and Gina ‘Jeanz’ Mwoombola.

“I am extremely proud of the entire team who worked on this project to create these very intentional, relatable visuals that echo the Nedbank Namibia brand message of inclusivity, diversity, and rightfully shows us as a Namibian financial institution that respects the young agile professionals within their respective industries,” said Nedbank Marketing Manager Veruschka de la Harpe.

Taking from this experience the team advises other young Namibian creatives to not shy away from their dreams. “Even when your knees shake and your voice stutters—show up,” said Kevin. “We want to do great work for our local creative industry and we’re most excited about more corporate marketing teams embracing our new but relevant and insightful marketing approach,” Ericke added.

The Nedbank Namibia ‘Young Professionals’ campaign was launched on 6 August 2021 via a live event on Facebook.

The campaign is premised on the five pillars of Nedbank’s client value proposition, which aims to provide young professionals with convenient banking, expert advice on saving, managing their finances, financing their dreams to ensure their growth, as well as adding value to their lives through benefits that matter to them and their families.

 (f.l.t.r) Ericke Tjiueza and Kevin Perestrelo, founders of KP Studios.


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