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KFC partners with Gazza for Zula to Survive promotion

KFC partners with Gazza for Zula to Survive promotion

Iconic local musician Gazza has partnered with the fast-food franchise, KFC in their Zula Bucket for 1 promotion. KFC approached Gazza in October 2020 to be the official judge and mentor for their 50/50 festive campaign.

“Working with Gazza and his team, to scout for undiscovered music talent in Namibia, was epic, so when he proposed we partner again on the launch of his Messiah album, there was no holding us back,” said Ricky Brown, General Manager of KFC Namibia.

KFC is happy to have an iconic figure like Gazza to endorse the KFC Zula Bucket for 1 because it is a perfect case for brand parity. Brown further expressed that they have an appeal that supersedes all socio-economic and cultural biases, offering great value to consumers, with something for everyone’s pocket.

“Bringing Gazza’s latest album to our consumers, when they purchase one of our most affordable product offerings, is a stroke of genius and it gives our customers a taste of what KFC really stands for, which is customer satisfaction, enjoyment and affordability at every turn,” emphasised Brown.

Werner Alweendo of GMP engineered a new music platform, Africentric, to launch the Messiah album through KFC outlets nationwide, which uses the Restaurant’s wifi and a simple voucher code system to assign the tracks to a Zula Bucket for 1 purchase.

Henriette Crouse, Brand Manager of KFC explained that the Messiah album will be launched over the next 8 weeks, through KFC Restaurants, with a song released every week and each song will be available to stream fro a specific week only and once the weekends, a new song can be unlocked with a new code, therefore fans who unlock 6 songs will then be able to stream the full16 track album on Africentric.

Gazza said KFC provided him with an opportunity to not only commercialize this new body of work but also enabled him to do something that has never been done before in Namibia.“With KFC’s vast reach, we are now able to instantly cater to fans across the country and in the current financial climate, artists like me need to think of innovative ways to survive from our art, or Zula, because when a smart partnership opportunity comes along, we must grab it,” he added.

The Zula Bucket for 1 promotion not only gives Gazza fans the opportunity to enjoy their favourite KFC, but they now get to listen to a Messiah track at the very same time, for free. To listen to Gazza’s Messiah Album, track for the track when you purchase a KFC Zula Bucket for 1 for only N$34.90, which runs for the next 8 weeks.


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