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FNB launches smartphone banking app

CEO of FNB Namibia, Ian Leyenaar talks about mobile innovation.

CEO of FNB Namibia, Ian Leyenaar talks about mobile innovation.

First National Bank of Namibia this week announced the launch of its latest innovation in digital banking, the Smartphone Banking App, which was the first of its kind to launch in South Africa in 2011. It is now also available in Namibia. As part of their wider digital and mobile strategy, FNB Namibia also launched their .Mobi site which works on both smartphones and feature phones with internet access. According to FNB, the combination of the App and the .Mobi site gives clients anytime, anywhere, safe and secure banking. The App works best with iOS Apple as well as Android Smartphones. It is available as a free download from the App stores. For an internet enabled phone which does not comply with the App, the .Mobi site ( was launched to fill the gap for specific customers of FNB Namibia.  “We are excited to be taking FNB’s innovative award winning Smartphone Banking App and digital banking to Namibia and empowering our clients with relevant mobile solutions such as the App and .Mobi. This is an opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards the banking sector and unleash client benefit,” said Ian Leyenaar, CEO of FNB Namibia. Both the FNB Banking App and the .Mobi site provide access to banking for customers who may not have easy access to the branch network as there may not be a physical bank branch in their area. This technology will allow users to do transactions like viewing account balances, transfers and payments, link FNB accounts, do Cardless Cash withdrawals and access eWallet services.  The App also includes exciting value added services such as the ability to locate cash withdrawal machines (ATMs), buy prepaid airtime, make once-off payments and make free calls and messages to other App users. A new feature FNB Namibia is introducing on the App is a functionality called Geo Payments. This is a location based person to person payments functionality where one customer can Find & Pay other FNB App users, without having their banking details.  “Our App and .Mobi site includes eWallet, which enables us to reach the under-serviced and under-banked with a mobile money solution. Customers can expect regular new features and innovations that make their lives easier and add to their banking experience,” explained Leyenaar. “FNB is a global bank and with this technology we are delighted to be taking world class mobile solutions to our clients in Namibia,” he said.

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