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Total number of NQA accredited institutions in the country now at 60

Total number of NQA accredited institutions in the country now at 60

The total number of accredited institutions in the country now stands at 60, following the recent granting of accreditation status to the following three institutions: Atlantic Training Institution; Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute and Ngato Vocational Training Centre.

The Namibia Qualifications Authority Council recently granted in addition, also granted re-accreditation and expansion of scope respectively, to five institutions, namely: Africa Institutional Management Services (Expansion of Scope), Triumphant College (Expansion of Scope), International University of Management (tUM) (Re-accreditation), Nampost Business School (Re-accreditation) and International Training College – Lingua (Re- accreditation).

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused operational disruptions, the NQA remained committed to the process of quality assurance and assisting institutions of higher learning to navigate the challenges brought about by the pandemic,” said NQA Manager: Marketing and Communications, Catherine Shipushu in a statement.

Accreditation is the objective confirmation by the NQA that training providers have the capacity to provide specified courses and assess the performance of learners enrolled in such courses.

“Therefore, before granting accreditation, the NQA Council, which is the final decision making body must have satisfied itself that the training provider has met all the Requirements of the Accreditation Standard stipulated in the Regulations as gazetted,” she added.

The NOA meanwhile congratulated all the newly accredited institutions for their commitment to quality education and prioritising the needs of the learners and the country at large.

“In order to safeguard the integrity of Namibia’s education system, and protect learners from falling

prey to bogus institutions, the NOA once again appeals to all institutions that are currently unaccredited to apply for accreditation in order for their programmes to be recognised,” she said.

The public may also access the complete list of all accredited Namibian institutions available on the NQA website

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