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Rhinos poached near Karibib

Three rhinocerous, a bull and a cow carrying a foetus, were found dead with their horms removed on a farm 40 kilometres outside Karibib last month. The two white rhinos were illegally hunted on farm Vogelsang, which is part of the Vogelsang trust.
Officials announced: “Two animals had been killed, a male around the beginning of September and a female around the end of September.
The male’s [horn] had been crudely hacked off while the female’s had been professionally removed with a very sharp object.”
 While searching for bullet heads, the investigation team, which comprised Nampol officials, Ministry of Tourism and Environment rangers and representatives from the Save the Rhino Trust, discovered that the Rhino cow was carrying a foetus, which brings the tally of poached rhinos to three.
The cause of death, however, could not be determined, as no bullet wounds or evidence of fire arms were discovered on the scene.
Inspector Iikuyu of the Erongo region confirmed that the incident took place and that an investigation is underway.
 He also said: “According to the post mortem examination there were no shots fired.”
This tragic incident precedes the discovery of 91 poached elephants in Zimbabwe last week, that were poisoned with cyanide.
Investigators are looking into suspicions that the rhino horn was delivered to an Oriental.

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