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EES releases Jagga Jagga

EES releases Jagga Jagga

Kwaito artist EES recently dropped his 6th single Jagga Jagga from his upcoming album ‘Game Changer’.

Jagga Jaggag is a new word EES came up with, which refers to dance moves one has to do to impress in the club when the beat drops.

EES said the song is a very minimalistic strong song, but with so much diversity when it comes to the modern sound and deep bass pumping. “It is not like all the other new songs that I have released, it has a different vibe, a different flow and I like to keep it different by just being myself and doing what I love,” he explained.

For the music video of Jagga Jagga EES said it showcases three energetic pantsula street dancers jumping and dance, while drinking WUMA, the local vitamin energy drink by EES.

“The video is colorful with digital artifacts, which makes it look digital and modern, with many beautiful woman of all races and colors representing a united and divers Namibia and its beauty,” he added.

There is also a plot twist in the Jagga Jagga music video, because it contains another word of the 12 world treasure hunt, giving fans another a chance to win a jackpot of 1 bitcoin valued at almost N$700,000.


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