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Eleven Rössing Uranium employees honoured for their long service

Eleven Rössing Uranium employees honoured for their long service

Rössing Uranium recently held its annual long service awards, in honour of its 11 employees having served the company for over, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, under the theme “Our Legends”, managing director Johan Coetzee said “we don’t often get the opportunity to publicly thank our staff for the many years of service that they have devoted to this beautiful mine.”

Coetzee praised the employees for their loyalty, commitment and dedication over all these years, stating that “these traits are very rare in this day and age when job-hopping is fashionable. The continual search for better opportunities and new experiences mean that staff seldom stay longer than a few years at the same company. So in a sense, this group represents a rare breed of employees,” he said further noting that “I am sure during your service, you may have considered other attractive job offers but decided to remain at Rössing.”

Johan also noted that the successful growth of Rössing is a direct result of its valued long-serving employees.

The longest serving employee Sageus Amxab, joined Rössing 45-years ago and shared his memories.

“We had the best times as Rössing employees. Then, we had a private jet that flew us to Windhoek and back just for shopping,” he joyfully remembered.

Sageus noted that although they had the best times, he vividly also remembers the tough times. “We were faced with tough times as well, but our resilience at Rössing kept us going,” he said.

Rössing has been presenting long service awards from its early days and 45 years later continues to give recognition to its long serving employees.

The long serving employees at Rössing Uranium Limited.


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