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Gaining access to information technology with over a decade of service delivery

Gaining access to information technology with over a decade of service delivery

A young and dynamic team that was formed in 2016 to expand the Q-KON Group’s presence in Namibia with the specific focus to offer satellite access and unified communication solutions, still remains in existence to re-enforce its mark.

Q-KON Namibia is a registered and CRAN licensed Namibia ICT company. Under the leadership of Manfred Engling, they have introduced a product that services the local market through a network of reputable resellers.

With the teams’ intention to allow all Namibians to gain access to information, they have teamed up with various corporates to manifest in the establishment in various towns. One such collaboration is with First National Bank of Namibia. They have serviced FNB since 2016 and their speed points are now also working over Twoobi network.

Through such smart partnerships, one such town is located in Divundu, Hombe Supermarket which has one of the poorest internet infrastructures. What sets their service apart from the rest is the ability to serve in quantities that provide most competitive speed to cater to the most remote.

Managing Director Manfred Engling commended his team for always providing the best service to each client. “We value service. We identified a gap in the telecommunications industry, and after several years of experience in Namibia and the continent on this journey to give each customer the best service. There are many role players in this industry and the more options we provide for our customers, the better we can work as an industry to provide fastest information to each Namibian,” he mentioned.

With a decade of experience in the industry, various positive feedback has been gathered and one being from Carl Marx. “Always professional and helpful. Downtime is non-existent. Since we operated on the Twoobii service, we have an effective service, with consistent speeds even during heavy thunderstorms. The 24-hour after sale service, is also brilliant,” he said.

Q-KON Twoobii’s network locations are available throughout the country operating on the very advanced Intelsat high throughout satellite EPIC range, Twoobii is the very first commercial solution that offers the full advantage of this satellite technology to the general market.

Intelsat Ku-band EPIC satellite services such as Twoobii enables cost and performance benefits while still offering high reliability and full continental signal coverage.


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