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Can we send you ostrich feathers?

Namibia was the first country in Africa to host the just-ended World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF). The event provided a unique opportunity for delegates to develop partnerships and to form strategic alliances with global leaders.

The line-up comprised dedicated panel presentations by Chiefs, Tribal Leaders, Kings and Queens. (From left to right) Hon. Carlos Batzin, Minister of Culture and Sports in Guatamala, Andrew Carrier, member of the Board of Indigenous Leadership Development, Albin Ilovu, Chairperson of the Indigenous People’s Business Forum, Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Calle Schlettwein and David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation at the official opening of the forum in Windhoek last week. See full article on the minister’s contribution on page 3. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)


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