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Baynes success a national duty

Dear sir,
The people in the North-West of our country again objected to a hydro power project, this time not Epupa but Baynes. What inspires the least developed tribe of Namibia to resist positive development?
Is it time to educate them about the project and its benefits for all Namibia and neighbouring South-West Angola. It is especially important for them that not only electrical power will be created; but all the ‘by-products’ will also benefit them. Let us be aware that there are many who are not interested in the well-being of the Himba; there are many outsiders that would like to keep those people in the past forever for their own benefit. It was the same with Epupa. It is a crime to do so and it is a crime to tolerate this.
If the Baynes project fails, as Epupa did, Namibia’s only alternative will be the highly dangerous and hugely expensive atomic energy. Coal and oil are both not an alternative. The failure of Baynes will translate into pulling Namibia’s economy back into ‘the dark times’! It will make Chernobyl a Namibian possibility! Without Baynes, our economic and social future is at stake. Namibia as a whole should pull the Baynes project through to a speedy success! Baynes means a modern Namibia for all Namibians. Baynes means a bright future for our children and their children. Baynes means economical and political stability. Epupa showed us what selfishness and ill advice and lobby-ism could do; Baynes could unite us all and could show off what unity can do! To make Baynes a success is our national duty!
‘Viva Baynes, viva Namibia!’

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