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Namibian entrepreneurs celebrated through photography

Namibian entrepreneurs celebrated through photography

The first exhibition by Omeho Project opens on 25 August 2021 at Café Prestige in Windhoek, celebrating young Namibian thinkers who further their industries, create jobs and strive to make a positive impact on their communities.

The exhibition features captivating portrait photography paired with compelling stories from startup entrepreneurs, creative geniuses and disruptive technologists.

“I am researching this contemporary form of entrepreneurship that is digital or technology-enabled and it is growing fast, but there is still not a lot of empirical evidence on how to best support them,” said Doctoral Researcher Auri Evokari, founder of Omeho Project. “I think we need to start by understanding the founders better. One thing that seems clear is that they think and work differently than traditional entrepreneurs, and we wanted to share their stories widely.”

The exhibition includes 21 pieces by Namibian photographer Willem Vrey and Opas Onucheyo.

“We have shot the models in their own environments, be it their offices, homes or the cafés and co-working spaces. It’s been eye-opening for me to learn about this sub-culture in my own home town. We have a lot of talent here,” said Vrey.

The exhibition is sponsored by GIZ Namibia and Startup Namibia as well as Bank Windhoek.

“Omeho Project’s storytelling and celebration of entrepreneurs is aligned with our mission to support technology-enabled entrepreneurship in Namibia, and we’re happy to support it,” said Anna Vambe, Project Manager at Start-up Namibia Incubation Centre.

“Bank Windhoek has been an avid supporter of the arts in Namibia, and we are happy to support creative projects such as Omeho Project,” noted Bronwyn Moody, the Head of CSI, Sponsorship and Events at Bank Windhoek.

Exhibitions have been on hold during lockdown measures, and the COVID-19 regulations have been strictly considered in the exhibition design.

“We have been Omeho Project’s close partner from the start, and it’s thrilling to design an inspiring exhibition that will be open and free for all. It is organized to allow the safe viewing of the artwork, which means we will first display half of the pieces. There will then be a switch halfway which allows us to showcase all 21 works of art safely over the course of the month,” said Tanya Stroh, Creative Director at Turipamwe.

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 Doctoral Researcher, Auri Evokari, founder of Omeho Project.


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